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Development history

  • 08-02

    Zhejiang Crystal Optech Co., Ltd. of XINGX group was founded.

  • 10-15

    The IR-CUT FILTER for camera and cell phone was developed successfully.

  • 12-21

    Zhejiang Crystal Optech Stock Co., Ltd. was integrally changed.

  • 09-19

    The Crystal Optech stock (code 002273) was exchanged in Shenzhen

  • 05-06

    The company invested and founded Hangzhou Optical Crystal Co., Ltd. to research, develop and produce the micro projecting module products.

  • 08-30

    The company purchased 60% equity of Zhejiang Taijia Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd. and became the controlling shareholder


    The company invested and constructed the Sapphire Substrate Project with the annual production of 3.6 million high-brightness LED chips.

  • 09-01

    The wholly-funded subsidiary Jiangxi Crystal Optical Co., Ltd. was established in Yingtan as the coating base of the company

  • 04-23

    The Hangzhou Office was set

  • 05-15

    The company purchased 100% equity of Zhejiang Fangyuan Yeshili Reflective Material Co., Ltd.


    The company invested and set Zhejiang University Union Innovation Investment Management Partner Enterprise (Limited Partnership) by holding 20% equity


    The company purchased 20.38% equity of Japanese OPTORUN and become the greatest shareholder thereof

  • 02-13

    The company invested and set Ningbo Union Base Stone Investment Partner Enterprise (Limited Partnership) by holding 20% equity

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