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    With the development of consuming electronic and intelligent wearable equipment products toward the light, portable, high-brightness and low energy consumption, the micro projecting new technology gradually becomes the new consumption demand, since 2005, the company obtains rapid development in the fields of children education, virtual world, household entertainment, industrial video and automobile Head UP Display.

    According to the division of different optical sources, the micro projector can be divided into LED and laser light sources; according to different display chip technologies, the micro projector can be divided into DLP, LCOS and MEMS technologies. Since 2009, our company gradually researched, developed, reserved and produced the LED-based LCOS and DLP optical engine technologies and products; cooperated with domestic internet enterprises to develop the micro projecting products in the children education field; cooperated with foreign research and development institutes to develop the video glass related products in different fields; in the field of household entertainment, researched and developed the 100-inch super-short focus projection; and in the automobile electronic market, researched and developed the automobile Head UP Display system in order to enhance the driving safety and comfortableness. 
    In the future, the Crystal Optech shall take the micro projecting and display system as the core and engages in providing new display solutions and products in different demand levels for the consuming electronic, on-board electronics and household entertainment markets. 

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