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Reflective material
     Zhejiang Fangyuan  Yeshili reflective materials CO, is the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Zhejiang Quartz Crystal Optoelectronic Technology, which was built in 1996 year ,specialized in high performance  reverse  reflective materials development production and sales . we concentrate on the  reflective materials industry for 20 years , achieved “Zhejiang Scientific and technology progress” , “Chinese famous trademark “,”AAA China credit quality enterprise “ well-known title, getting strong competitive advantage and high industrial reputation, becoming a leading enterprise of reflective materials in China .
     Yeshili are engaged in  producing the reflective materials industry , obtaining the technology of producing reflective materials over many years development and accumulation, possessing the technology of the development and producing all the series and specification reflective materials . The production is covering the series of reflective fabric , reflective sheeting ,special  optical sheeting, accessories series, high-refraction glass bead series , totally five series remaining 70 varieties, getting the character of retro-reflective ,resistant , corrosion-resistant , abrasion and folding at temperature ,used widely in road facilities ,voyage, sign of port and mine , car license plate, safety wearing and municipal construction.
       In pace with steady strengthen in worldwide on the road facilities , traffic equipment , personal protection areas to use  the reflective materials , the citizen safety realization becoming stronger and the producing promoting , the reflective materials used wider and wider.  In the future the Yeshili is developing the major production, at the same time , we are actualizing to breakthrough on the high-end area,  developing Nano imprinting technology , actualizing to low the cost  on Micro-optics and Nano optics, and we also learn positively on the vacuum continuously rounding evaporation coating film to used in the plastic shot, car , packing , agriculture, electron, building, thin film capacitors  and so on area, actualizing the development of the business in electron film and functional film.

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